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I can smell myself the whole day and it's not too overpowering or too strong.

It's very long lasting for an EDT, it totally performs like an EDP.

There's the almond and caraway notes that kind of create that unique scent associated with Hypnotic Poison layered over a scent similar to Dior's Addict vanilla.

I love Dior's vanilla, so it's no surprise that this is loved by me as well.

While I wear perfumes solely for my own enjoyment, this confection certainly gets positive attention from a wide variety of folks.

I recognized the bottle and was curious to find out what the hype is all about. If I try real hard, I can detect a very faint floral note, either jasmine or tuberose. I don't quite get all the comments about how sexy and seductive this scent is. It makes me think of stuffing my face with desserts.

It's strong and "unscrubable" if it doesn't work with your skin. I was first introduced to this fragrance shortly after launch when I was demonstrating for Dior. Only when you've had it on a couple of hours does the hypnotic element take over. But I'm a big girl now, and maybe it's time to enjoy it for what it really is - gorgeous.

At the time, it was positioned as a "weird" (their words) fragrance. I have never actually worn this fragrance before, just smelled it from the bottle, on paper or on my hand.

Friends still talk about the day, almost twenty years ago when Hypnotic Poison first came out and I eagerly spritzed myself in a store whilst on a day out at the beach.

It turned into an overwhelming cough syrup cloud which just wouldn't wash off no matter how much soap I used.

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