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Find a comfortable lobby, restaurants, coffee and more.Three things that Bumrungrad takes prides in are: high quality, international-standard medical services, immediate access to those services and specialists, and affordable prices.The hospital, which began expansion in 1997 with a US0 million investment in the building, design and medical hardware, including a 21-storey outpatient facility, complete with a spacious 10th floor Sky Lobby, was forced to look aggressively overseas after the 1997 Asian financial crisis dried up local business. Over a million patients are treated annually, with just over half a million of those being international patients from over 190 different countries, according to hospital statistics for 2013.Procedures included everything from comprehensive checkups and cardiac surgery to cancer treatment and cosmetic enhancements.

Linda’s cosmetic dental procedure was just a tiny cog in the global medical tourism wheel, which – according to some estimates – is a US billion global industry.(Bladder surgery that would cost US,000 in the USA, costs only around US,000 at Bumrungrad, for example).The hotel is focused on the "intentional medical traveller, not the accidental traveller" who might walk in with a muscle sprain.Trained “destination programme managers” accompany patients to all medical appointments, and the agency arranges transfers and accommodation for clients.It is hardly surprising that Americans are looking at alternative healthcare solutions.

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Started in 1969, its hospital network has grown to encompass Bangkok Hospital, Samitivej Hospital, BNH Hospital, Phyathai Hospital, Paolo Hospital and the Royal Hospital.