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Despite the backlash, Chambers says he still stands by the message it conveyed.

Chambers (right) said the policy stemmed from members of the gym who are uncomfortable with law enforcement, such as people of color and those who identify as LGBTQIA And he's not the only one.

A photo of the sign was also posted to the gym's Instagram with the caption: 'We simplified our membership policy.'When asked why he put this particular sign up, Chambers told the Daily that he had just watched the news about a man who was shot to death by police officers in Mississippi a few days before.

Chambers was referring to Ismael Lopez who was killed last month by police who were serving a warrant for another individual in an apparent address mix-up.

He said he plans to put up 'something about Colin Kaepernick' to show that he and the members of his gym support the quarterback's movement.

Mandatory Arrest Many agencies require officers to make an arrest under certain conditions, such as evidence of an assault, violation of a protection order and other offenses where physical evidence exists or that an officer witnessed.

This is known as a mandatory arrest policy and it can be valuable for a survivor to know in advance whether local authorities use this practice. Some say it gives the victim a break from the violence and time to consult with advocates.

He also said that active members of the military aren't eligible for membership.

The sign drew attention after a military veteran became offended when he saw it outside the gym.

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An Atlanta gym owner banned police officers and military members from working out at his facility because they make the largely minority membership uncomfortable.

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