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Even if you do not have symptoms, you should talk openly and honestly about your sexual history with your doctor to find out if you should be tested for any STDs, including herpes.Although CDC does not recommend that everyone get tested for herpes, herpes testing may be useful in some situations.This is why you should have an open and honest discussion with your doctor about your sex practices and history.When you go in for STD testing, it is important to ask your doctor which infections you being tested for, and why.These events are called “having an outbreak,” and they appear as blisters on or around the genitals, rectum, or mouth.The blisters break and leave painful sores that may take weeks to heal.

Your doctor can order testing and can talk to you about ways to lower your baby’s risk for infection.If you are infected, your doctor will talk to you about your diagnosis and the possible symptoms of genital herpes.In addition, herpes blood testing may be useful if you are seeking a complete STD exam, especially if you have multiple sex partners. Your doctor chooses STD tests based on your sexual behaviors (number of sex partners, if condoms are used every time, etc.), as well as how common the infection is in the area that you live in.This is because diagnosing genital herpes in someone without symptoms has not shown any change in their sexual behavior (e.g., wearing a condom or not having sex) nor has it stopped the virus from spreading.Also, false positive test results (test results that say you have herpes when you do not actually have the virus) are possible.

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Genital herpes does not usually result in serious outcomes in healthy, non-pregnant adults.