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The price for these engines *per kilowatt* is cheap, when compared to the more commonly found gasoline-powered generators, though they are not very portable.What is truly amazing is the efficiency of the Lister: one user reports an average of 8000 watts and 0.3 gallons of diesel per hour.That's about how much difference there is between a typical 3600 RPM engine and a true Lister slow speed.It has taken me a number of years to learn what I know about the Indian Listers, and I am still learning.Not all Listeroids are put together with the same care, some folks make their selection on price alone.

If you are looking to burn used Vegetable oil for fuel, this engine design may be the best thing you ever find to do it.

The Listers can run all the time, and there are even some people who have figured out how to do oil changes while the motor is still running, thus removing even the lubrication issues.

Their efficiency and raw power makes them perfectly suited for electrical generation for long-term use versus “emergency-only” generators which have an extremely short lifespan.

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Items can be either old or new as long as they are wonderful. Suggestions for tools much better than what is recommended here are always wanted.

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I received another call tonight from a totally amazed customer that is burning 80% used vegetable oil and 20% off road diesel, and he is starting it cold with this mixture, of course it is spring.