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Interfaith relationships dating sites

Individuals who have a vague sense of their religious identity “may push their partners to be something they can’t be.” For instance, a non-Jewish partner can’t become “culturally Jewish.”To clarify your identity, Crohn suggests the following exercise: Think about your religious identity and your cultural identity when you were five years old, 12, 18 and today. It’s typical for people to experience big changes at these time points.In fact, throughout your life, with both culture and religion, “there are usually big ups and downs, experimentation and rebellion,” he says, “before settling on a stable sense of identity.”After thinking about your identity, it still might be hazy. It’s “problematic when you’re negotiating for something you aren’t clear about.”4.(Interestingly, “people tend to become more religious with age,” Crohn says.)So he urges couples to face their issues head-on. It’s common for “members of minority groups in America…to have a complicated sense of their own identity,” Crohn says. Crohn tells the story of an Italian Protestant woman who converted to Judaism.Her Jewish husband came home from work surprised to see her reading the Torah.

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