Han ji won dating

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Nhóm đã phát hành một bài hát được sử dụng cho quảng cáo Samsung Beat Festival tên là "Love Again".

Bài hát được viết bởi nhà soạn nhạc Hàn Quốc Super Changddai, và video âm nhạc được đạo diễn bởi Hong Won Ki.

Han Groo's family stayed in China for another four years before returning to Korea.Han Groo later admitted that acting was her real passion from the beginning, but she had wanted to grab whatever opportunities available to her.However, she found it difficult to stand out as a singer given the huge level of competition in Korea's music industry, especially among girl groups riding the coattails of the K-pop revolution.Han Groo's father is a TV commercial director and her mother used to be a professional model, which made her familiar with and naturally drawn to show business from a very early age.Upon her return to Korea, the aspiring actress signed with the management agency Climix Academy.

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