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Bakers 360 speed dating

Because the pike are now being eliminated, in 2016 the Nevada Department of Wildlife dumped 2,200 rainbow trout into Comins Lake, the first new fish in nine years.They also expect to add largemouth bass in September or October.Adjacent to Ely, Nevada, we first pass through part of the Ely Shoshone Indian Reservation.

At the junction with US-93, there is a bar with slot machines, a restaurant, two hotel rooms, and an RV park with 12 spaces with full hookups, but it no longer has a gas station.You might be having fun on this virtual roadtrip, I know I am, but there's nothing like the real thing!At any time, click on an underlined word below to learn more about the places on the trip. After breakfast, we say goodbye to the area of Great Basin National Park and leave Baker the same way we came in, and in just a few miles we’re back on US-6 / US-50.The road soon passes Willow Patch Spring, where there are a few trees, probably willows, and then crosses Sacremento Pass and heads down into the next dry basin.The pattern of dry desert basins followed by ridges of mountains is something we will see all day today.

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Back in 1962, it ended at Kingman, Arizona, at the famous US-66.

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