100 lonely college co eds dating

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100 lonely college co eds dating

I waited only a few moments and walked in I handed Victoria a folded wad of bills and turned to my victim. When she did, I slipped a spider gag into her mouth that not only kept her mouth wide open it didn't interfere with my exam of her teeth and she could no longer talk and she definitely could not yell loud enough to be heard outside the office.. Her eyes were wide in shock and confusion that would soon turn to fear.I said "Ahhh, good, Jennifer, I want to see how your teeth turned out since it's been ten years since your braces. Since she hadn't really seen the gag I told her it was just my new tool for keeping the patient's mouth open for exams and dental work. I looked inside her inviting mouth at her perfect teeth, praising her and my work. She began to struggle as I took each of her slender ankles and secured them in another pair of leather cuffs at the foot of the chair.I could do a lot in that amount of time and even better... The day finally came and everything was going well. Dressed for the warm weather and a long car trip, they were dressed comfortably and sexy.Victoria was in short shorts and Jennifer was in a mini skirt. Victoria with her C cups would draw any mans attention, but my eyes were glued to the young Asian. Though Jennifer had the pure beauty of her Asian heritage, she had come from Taiwan to the states before kindergarten.She was a spoiled little rich girl that loved to tease men and steal boyfriends though she never seemed to keep one for very long. Each time she came to my office, as soon as she was in my chair her brashness faded.

I walked into the next room where I could watch from a one way mirror. Victoria had immediately sat down in the assistant's chair and soon after as I had hoped Jennifer sat in the exam chair. I leaned the chair back a little and told her to open wide.

These were all signs that her attitude with others was a ruse to hide the fact that she was a true slave and submissive at heart and a prime candidate for my special teaching talents. Victoria had arranged for them to take an environmental study trip as soon as classes were out for the summer. Victoria didn't know that I planned a much different journey for her friend.

Victoria and I discussed the plan a while longer and fine tuned it over the remaining weeks before summer break.

No, not to the typical human trafficking market that would take nearly any beautiful woman and make her a prostitute somewhere on the planet. Some would, if they were lucky, become a true slave to a demanding Master. Much worse that they would be sold to some sadistic bastard that did not know or care what a prize he had bought.

My most recent "trainee" practically fell into my lap. Though Victoria is very much a Daddy's girl, I didn't see her often since she had been away to college at UCLA. She also has a wicked streak that she no doubt inherited from me. She knows about my dungeon, though not about my hobby of selling women into slavery.

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